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School is out for summer so I’m taking a break from teaching classes in order to teach (?!?!) workshops. I just returned from a lovely visit to Amsterdam, where I led two full-day intensive Processing workshops at Mediamatic. I also was super thrilled to present with Jer Thorp at Mediamatic’s Processing Salon. Jer’s work is fantastic and inspiring. His presentation was one of the highlights of my trip.

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Next stop a 3-day advanced Processing workshop with the D3D masters students at Naba in Milan. I was lucky enough to be in Milan for the opening of Triennale’s Design of the Other Things exhibit, which included work by Massimo Banzi of Arduino fame. Also, a special thanks to Filippo Vanucci who came in as a guest presenter to talk about his ITP thesis project: Scrollables.

This month, I’ll be teaching a few sessions at ITP’s new Summer Camp (for grownups) as well as two Processing workshops at this year’s OFFF. I’ve been getting many e-mail questions regarding what exactly will be covered at the OFFF workshops so here’s a quick outline for anyone thinking of attending.

Processing Pixels, June 24, 10 am to 2 pm

  • What is Processing?
  • The “pixels” array
  • The PImage class, loading and displaying an image
  • Image Processing 101, reading and writing pixels
  • Image as look-up table of colors
  • The Capture object, creating a software mirror with live video
  • Introduction to computer vision, color tracking, etc.
  • Overview of computer vision libraries: BlobDetection, openCV, CCV/TUIO/multitouch
  • Time to work and ask questions

Most Pixels Ever, June 25, 11 am to 1 pm

  • What is Processing?
  • What is openFrameworks?
  • Examples of ITP “Big Screens” projects
  • How does MPE work?
  • What is MPE good for?
  • Demo of MPE for Processing
  • Demo of MPE for openFrameworks
  • Time to work and ask questions