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I have completely failed to remember I have a blog. Well, I suppose it wasn’t a failure of memory, rather it just fell out of my routine to keep things up-to-date. When you have one of these jobs at an academic institution, one thing they require you to do every so often is put together a big pile of paper that provides evidence you are contributing member of society. The way I’ve always managed to do that in the past is by scanning through all my old posts to find out if I have in fact done anything. According to this blog, I have not existed since April 2011. I’m going to try to remedy that. The first thing I’m going to do is post a list of things I’ve been up to in the last seven or eight months (this is for me and anyone reading should really just stop reading). The second thing I’m going to do (starting tonight) is simultaneously attempt to revive this blog and celebrate the festival of lights by posting eight nights of Processing examples. I’ve made a few new ones for the upcoming Processing 2.0 release as well as helped out students on a number of different problems over the course of the fall semester. So hopefully this can be a place where I can document and share some of these examples in the hopes that they will help others.

So first, the part everyone should feel free to ignore. . .

  • April 2011. I visited my good friend Chris Ault at The College of New Jersey and gave a presentation about the Nature of Code and Most Pixels Ever and saw several demos of student work.
  • June 2011. I attended Seb Lee-Delisle’s Creative JS course in NYC. I made this: fibonacci particles
  • June 17-20 2011. I participated in the Processing 2.0 summit. Ben Fry, Casey Reas, Andres Colubri, Jer Thorp, Patrick Hebron, and I worked together to define the 2.0 release. (Thanks to Casey for the photos below.)
  • Processing 2.0
    Processing 2.0

  • Summer 2011. I participated in Google Summer of Code as a mentor for Processing.
  • September 2011. Launched the “Magic Book” project with Rune Madsen and Miguel Bermudez at ITP (stay tuned for more about this).
  • October 2011. I attended IndieCade in Los Angeles and participated in a panel discussion with Zach Gage, Robert Hodgin, and Casey Reas, and Daniel Shiffman. We discussed projects which use code as a generator of form, and explore the various ways in which procedurally generated elements can contribute to the mechanics, dynamics, and/or aesthetics of video games. (video of the panel).
  • October 2011. Attended Art && Code 3D and was proud to be Greg Borenstein’s helper for his workshop Using the Kinect with Processing. Also really enjoyed Stephen Howell’s Scratch + Kinect workshop.
  • November 2011. Began development on a CakeMix Processing library. Source on github.
  • Fall 2011. Technical edited Greg Borenstein’s upcoming book: Making Things See.
  • December 2011. Gave a presentation at the Neuberger Museum of Art as part of the New Media Lecture Series
  • December 2011. Completing work on Processing 2.0. New examples, new tutorials. Stay tuned for further updates
  • .

Next up, 8 Processing examples!